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Welcome to Class R!

The Class R team who will be working with your children are Miss Hatherall, Class Teacher (Monday to Wednesday) and Mrs Mayer Class Teacher (Thursday and Friday). Miss Cooper is our full time Teaching Assistant, with Mrs Beattie who is our Teaching Assistant, Monday to Wednesday and Mrs Pilkington, our Teaching Assistant on Thursday and Friday.

In Reception we carry on the amazing work done at the pre-schools and nurseries your children attended. The Early Years is such an important and distinct part of our children’s education it provides the foundation of everything that follows, prioritising children’s social, emotional development as well as their learning. Children learn how to become resilient independent learners and effective thinkers.

Each term begins with an enquiry question to entice the children, to get them interested and asking questions and wanting to know more. We plan by using our knowledge of the children, their interests and what we want them to learn.

A weekly newsletter will tell you what new vocabulary we will be introducing/practising, as well as what we will be covering in phonics, maths and other planned teaching sessions.  We will also let you know what has captured the children’s imagination and where their learning took them in the previous week. We love to hear about what you child is interested in at home and any significant achievements, so let us know via your child’s Communication Book or the Class R email.

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Class R team: Miss Hatherall, Mrs Mayer, Mrs Beattie, Mrs Pilkington and Miss Cooper.

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