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Ramsbury Primary School

School Council Report

It has been an honour being on the Ramsbury School Council and we have loved every minute of it. Speaking out for our friends and making our mark.

Our biggest accomplishment has been bringing ketchup back to school lunch, it has been hard negotiating, but we did it. We have fixed the girls bathroom, we got new sports equipment and made some great changes to the meals from Sue Brady! Even if there were silly requests for zip lines, monkey bars and water slides, we would always try to make it possible with Mrs Pollock and Mrs Mathias.

We have loved helping our classes with their problems and all the memories we have made will stay in our hearts forever, this was a once in a lifetime experience and we would love to do it again, although we understand that others need a go. The end of year party was tasty and we loved having cupcakes before 10am!


By Hamish Pollock, Shyanne Diez and Nia Williams